A dove symbolizes love, peace and fidelity. They court each other, mate for life and share the responsibilities of raising their young, making them a perfect addition for your wedding celebration. It is said that if seen on your wedding day, doves will bring good luck. A dove release can be a beautiful alternative to bird seed or rice.


The following are some of the wedding packages that we offer. Custom options are available. Let us know what you have in mind. We’ll do our best to make it happen.


Bride & Groom Release $175
2 birds are released by hand or from a decorated basket.

10 Dove Release $375 (Call for availability)
10 birds are released from one of our decorated baskets.

21 Dove Release $525 (Call for availability)
21 birds are released from our decorated baskets.


All release packages include an appropriate poem that can be read by the Bride or Groom or a member of the wedding party.